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Email marketing

When driving traffic to high value assets, such as powerful video or promotional campaigns, you’ve only got just one shot, so precise targeting with pin-sharp email content and precise performance monitoring is critical to success.

Our highly experienced data-driven email marketing team and award-winning content developers can navigate a direct route to target audiences and in one hit deliver precise, accurate and compelling reasons for your prospects to visit your primary marketing assets.

Marketing automation

Keeping current customers captivated by your products and services, while reaching out to prospects, engaging with them and converting them to loyal, long-term customers is critical to the growth of every business.

Our hyper-segmented marketing automation and CRM integration expertise means we deliver multi-channel, data-centric, campaigns with fully predicable sales values and ROMI, so you’ll know precisely what the outcome will be, making your campaign planning and revenue generation much easier to manage.

Online advertising

Online advertising can deliver good returns if you have a stand-out campaign strategy designed to beat global competitors and ever-emerging obstacles such as new technologies, changing regional laws and fast evolving prospect and customer behaviours.

But is good, good enough? At Novacom, we believe multi-channel hypertargeting is key, because we know your prospects may only be online at certain times, may switch devices and may use one or many search engines or social networks – connection is key to conversion.

Search engine

Search engine optimisation strategies – both on-page and off-page – must be formulated to place your company websites or related returns as high as possible on page one, because being on page two means potential invisibility.

Novacom are expert in the development of holistic multi-regional, multi-language SEO programmes designed to utilise every available channel in order to eclipse competitors and deliver the very best visibility among your prospects and customers.

Search marketing

At Novacom we understand how search marketing powers brand visibility because we know it forms the very first step in your prospect’s journey: the search query. This first query must deliver a powerful, engaging return that fully describes your brand and resonates with their intent.

Our preeminent and proven technical expertise, commercial savvy and comprehensive multilanguage search marketing content strategies mean we will serve the right message to the right demographic at exactly the right point in their buying journey.

Social advertising
and content

Fast-track visibility through hyper-segmented targeting, and careful analysis of platform demographics tell us which networks are most popular with target audiences and ensure we can fully optimise organic growth through highly engaging, memorable content.

At Novacom, we drive both organic and paid growth momentum by constantly and precisely measuring results and analysing and reporting on performance, because data is key to delivering ROMI and helps clients budget for growth, visibility and increased market share.

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