Novacom | Award-winning digital marketing and customer experience agency
Novacom | Award-winning digital marketing and customer experience agency

Inspire your customers with every interaction

Web design and development

Powerful and engaging aesthetics, born of first-class graphic design, backed by industry-leading web development and adaptive technologies place form and function at the heart of delivering customer experiences and relationships that convert to sales.

But that’s just part of the story, because at Novacom, the data derived from the technologies we deploy gives websites true purpose, by offering clients the clarity to understand and measure sales values accurately and to help them fully predict campaign ROMI.

Interactive virtual reality

Interactive virtual reality (VR) allows the prospect or customer to interact with your product or service, transporting them from a mere viewer to an active participant in a fully immersive environment where they can explore.

In this way, interactive VR experiences deliver a rapid understanding of complex product technologies and why a product may be best-in-class, by offering complete buyer insight, and at Novacom we think prospect and customer reactions should culminate with - ‘Wow!’

Augmented reality

Novacom experts utilise augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) to guide users in physical world environments, and create AR and MR video/dialogue overlays on a user’s real-time vision with additional information to deliver rapid, complete understanding for informed sales opportunities.

These technologies help prospects and customers understand and engage with highly complex products and services – from nanotechnology to automotive and energy – because fast-track understanding builds early sales and faster ROMI in competitive markets.

marketing content

Marketing content – creating an engaging conversation with your customers – is at the heart of everything we do, because we know that the delivery of powerfully written, consistent, brand-focused communications is critical to market breakthrough and growth across multilanguage world markets.

These communications must be consistent across every digital channel, taking the core values of a brand and communicating clear, concise messaging on what prospects and customers really need to know and driving informed, predictable sales and ROMI.

content development

From nanotech, through biosciences, energy, and autonomous automotive technologies, to professional services, Novacom is widely recognised as a leader in technical content creation across a wide spectrum of subject matter, world languages and business cultures.

We make the complex easy to understand: no matter how complex the proposition or technology is, we’ll make it easy to follow technically, and of equal importance, we’ll develop it commercially across multiple channels to drive predictable sales outcomes and returns.

360° video

360° video can put prospects and customers at the very heart of the conversation by giving them a clear and inspiring insight into multifaceted subject matter – from microscopic and molecular structures in pharmaceutical, to complex, emerging technologies.

We know that to truly inspire prospects and customers, 360° experiences need content developers with a highly detailed and up-to-the-minute understanding of all areas of science, technology and industry, powered by production talent to drive engagement, and sales conversion.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps feature at all points of your target prospect and existing customer’s daily life, and smart app technology can put your products or services right into their pockets, offering them the no hassle convenience busy people depend on.

At Novacom, we work hard - using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality – to create great and dependable customer experiences that boost engagement, reduce cost of sales, and increase predicable sales revenues.

Virtual events

VCX Quantum is a fully custom designed 3D, avatar-driven virtual event space, where you, your sales team and your customers are free to move, meet and talk business, just as you would in the physical world.

This isn’t like Zoom, Teams or WebEx meeting platforms; this is like a real physical event, but in a fully interactive and completely trackable virtual space – meaning it’s as near real as virtual can get, and delivers highly accurate visitor activity data for ROMI you can count on.


VCX Live is the next generation in fully interactive, fully managed multi-regional and global webcasting platforms, offering multi-language audio/visual translation, with high definition video presentation and streaming facilities.

VCX Live can operate live in real time, on-demand across time zones, or in a seamless on-demand/live mix mode, with live chat, Q&A and global survey functions. Whoever you want to talk to, wherever they are in the world, VCX Live delivers.

Thought leadership

Novacom expert sector-specific researchers, content developers and highly experienced media strategists create thought leadership programmes that keep clients at the forefront of their market sector, and trend across multiple languages, business cultures and geographic regions.

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