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CRM integration

CRM software is a powerful tool in its own right, but intelligent integration with CRM systems along with other enterprise-centric sales and marketing tools makes the market landscape clearer, and sales successes and ROMI become easier to deliver.

Whatever the need, Novacom experts can connect CRM systems to marketing automation, customer data platforms, ERP systems, and many other internal or external systems to maximise data capture and build on customer relationships to deliver accurate and fully predictable ROMI.

Analytics/performance optimisation

We know that accurately measuring performance across your websites and digital marketing campaigns is critical to understanding the basic metrics in your digital performance – traffic, bounce rates, unique visitors – but these numbers alone won’t translate into revenue.

At Novacom we go further: we always measure basic metrics because they deliver clear performance values, but we also know our work with these numbers must translate into fully predictable client revenue streams with accurate ROMI.

To do this we use a wide range of channels to deliver highly structured campaign content, and with methodologies such as social media listening we monitor and analyse audience reaction to continually test and learn to improve brand awareness, customer experience and engagement.

Conversion rate

Our long experience in international conversion rate optimisation (CRO) means we have the experience to know exactly how to increase your engagement and conversion rates, not only locally but across world languages, regional business cultures and industry sectors.

And at Novacom, to deliver success we dig deep: we conduct ongoing research to maximise website performance, and go on to optimise the business processes, user experiences and brand assets that drive your customer journeys and deliver ROMI.

Digital tools and platforms

We have up-to-the-minute knowledge on global data compliance, and are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. We are also independently audited as 100% GDPR compliant and expert in all major platforms and latest technologies.

We offer continuous client training to ensure seamless, compliant cross-platform integration across the world - and these are just some of the enterprise level platforms and infrastructure solutions we partner with to deliver success.

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