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The need

A global integrated energy client asked Novacom to help start them on their digital transformation journey.

In an increasingly competitive global market, they wanted a cohesive brand experience, and an end-to-end single customer view with complete measurability, attribution and visible return on investment to drive revenues.

The solution

We implemented a collaborative journey between marketing, sales and other commercially-focused stakeholders that integrated resources and collective know-how to deliver mapped marketing and sales processes with quantifiable sales performance outcomes by:


Integrating marketing and sales activities to provide transparent, attainable objectives that delivered clear, achievable sales performance


Growing marketing and sales collaboration to ensure marketing delivered effective communications support throughout sales processes


Evolving personalised customer experiences and communications throughout the buyer journey to ensure appropriate and timely sales follow-up


Utilising collaboration to build a robust, marketing-backed sales pipeline that is always-on and ever-more focused on market conditions


Continually tracking, analysing and measuring lead/opportunity source attribution to optimise marketing revenue, profitability and ROI

We focused on identifying and integrating marketing automation and CRM systems that worked together to provide a robust platform to support the wider digital-first transformation initiative.

In order to successfully deliver this initiative, we offered a phased process with well defined milestones.

A three-phase approach was used in order that firm foundations were created from the outset which could be built upon for long term success.

The results

The initiative allowed the client to target and engage with B2B prospects and re-enliven existing customer targets across the EMEA region.

We supported global client teams throughout the implementation of this marketing automation and CRM integration project.

This included everything from identifying the need and developing the marketing strategy, through implementing the systems and processes, to delivering highly engaging marketing communications and optimising lead generation activities.

A cohesive team and highly targeted, multi-channel marketing automation campaign delivered rapid results for the client, with the initiative yielding immediate and profitable performance, generating over $2m in revenues within two weeks of implementation – a 1200x return on investment.

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