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Global automotive technology client

Global automotive technology client
360° video, Augumented reality, Interactive virtual reality, Technical content development

We delivered an aspirational virtual reality (VR) brand experience for a global automotive technology client, designed to engage their resellers and customers at events globally to build awareness, technical knowledge and loyalty. The programme drove significant event stand footfall uplift and visible revenue generation performance.

The need

We were approached by a major player in the global energy sector to help them deliver greater distributor, reseller and end customer engagement for one of their key automotive product ranges.

In an increasingly competitive market, which is highly price sensitive and with little perceived difference between brands among end customers, a strong brand value proposition and clear technical differentiation is key to drive engagement and sales uplift.

Global automotive technology client
The solution

We created an immersive digital brand experience that delivered engaged audiences and significantly improved perceived brand value, which rolled out at events and conferences across the US.

Leveraging latest virtual reality (VR) audio/visual and interactive interface technologies, we created a virtual environment that showcased how the client’s high performance product technology offered significant benefits over competitive products, while immersing the audience in the drama of a beautifully rendered photorealistic working automotive engine.

To drive active participation, and therefore further enhance brand engagement and messaging comprehension among the audience, we introduced interactive gamification sequences within the virtual environment. This provided an opportunity to demonstrate the advanced technology the client’s products offer, while creating a competitive motivation and improved retention rates.

Global automotive technology client
Global automotive technology client
Global automotive technology client
The results

The combination of our technical knowledge and creative expertise delivered an unforgettable brand experience for our client’s target audience, which resulted in significant and measurable improvements in distributor, reseller and end customer brand engagement and product benefit understanding.

In addition, new customer acquisition as a result of increased event and exhibition stand footfall delivered by the attraction of this innovative and engaging brand experience was significant.

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